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About Introduction to People OSINT/OSINT for Missing Persons:

This course has evolved from a 4-hour course to a 6-hour course, and now to an 8-hour course. This LIVE Missing Persons OSINT course, approved by TraceLabs seeks to prepare OSINT enthusiasts and private investigators for techniques used to find missing people. While some Linux and Scripting ability will help students, most of the techniques can be performed from a browser.

In brief, this course covers the following:

  • Social Media

  • OSINT Processes and Cycles

  • TraceLabs categories

  • Case Studies

  • A simulated CTF where the class collaboratively works to try to find an actual missing person (The primary reason that this course is not ever recorded)

Introduction to People OSINT/OSINT for Missing Persons Dates/Times (All EST):

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1 seat into The OSINTion OSINT Investigations: People Course in 2021!

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